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The warm Latin hospitality, the agricultural advances over the past decades, and the incredible scenery have beckoned me back to South America every year since 1991. I have shared many of these experiences by writing articles for the Canadian and USA farm press. Then, starting in 2000, I have been taking small groups of farmers from Canada, USA and Europe to experience firsthand the many backroads and best kept secrets of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Galapagos and Colombia. In response to your requests, we are now taking groups for ag-ventures into Europe, the UK, Israel and Africa too. And I enjoy designing a Custom Ag Tour for your group or organization.


As a farmer myself, I have an understanding of what aspects of foreign Agriculture will be of most interest to you. My itineraries are based on personal contacts and friends that I have made in these countries over the years. On the weekends, we usually relax at some of the "must see" tourist attractions. In addition, I provide participants with background socio-economic information to assist you in gaining a better appreciation of the culture of each country. Once you sign on, I will send you periodic Updates of "what to do when" to facilitate your plans. In most cases, I can recommend Add-On destinations if you want to spend more time there. Travel details are through Peerless Travel (TICO#4274452)


You're warmly invited to join us: to travel paths less trodden, to meet good friends and farmers on other continents, and to return home with a suitcase full of unforgettable experiences.


In 2018, we are planning a January Brazil agricultural tour that starts in Amazonia, visits the mega-farms in Mato Grosso, the Show Rural (best farm show in Brazil), and ends at the spectacular Iguacu Falls 


In February 2018, we tour Chile:  starting in stunning Santiago, we tour wineries, fruit and cash crop farms, tourist attractions and the Elqui Valley .....one of my favorite places in South America. 


 The travel arrangements are through Peerless Travel TICO#4274452



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