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R.W. Thomas ToursSince my first visit to Brazil to monitor campesino agricultural projects on behalf of the S.H.A.R.E. Agriculture Foundation, I've been "hooked" on South America. The warm Latin hospitality, the agricultural advances over the past decades, and the incredible scenery have beckoned me back every year since 1991. I have shared many of these experiences by writing articles for the Canadian and USA farm press. Then, starting in 2000, I have been taking small groups of farmers from Canada, USA and Europe to experience firsthand the many backroads and best kept secrets of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Galapagos and Colombia. In response to your requests, we now are taking groups for ag-ventures into Ireland and Italy. We're looking at other countries as well....where would you like to go?


As a farmer myself with over 35 years experience in various fields of Agriculture, I have an understanding of what farmers want to see and experience....the questions you will have, and the aspects of foreign Agriculture that will be of most interest to you. I design the itinerary of these tours based on personal contacts and friends that I have made in these countries over the years. On the weekends, we usually relax at some of the "must see" tourist attractions. In addition, I provide participants with background socio-economic information to assist you to gain a better appreciation of the culture of each country. Once you sign on, I will send you periodic Updates of "what to do when" to facilitate your plans. In most cases, I can recommend Add-On destinations if you want to spend more time there. And we recently purchased a Beach House on the coast of Bahia. When not using this ourselves, we will be renting it out. Click onto “What’s New” for more details.


You're warmly invited to join us: to travel paths less trodden, to meet good friends and farmers on other continents, and to return home with a suitcase full of unforgettable experiences.

Bob & Marge Thomas