R.W. Thomas Tours

FEB 19 – 26, 2017


A unique ag experience

We start with a tour of historic old Santiago and visit la Vega Central Market where the “locals” shop for veggies & fruit. Then lunch at the new market in El Galeon. Sanhattan district boasts craft & arts sites in an old Spanish Mission and there will be some shopping time. A highlight is the evening dinner show of Los Buenos Muchachos. Next day, we drive to the Maipo River Valley and tour export fruit producing farms.

The Undurraga Winery is one of Chile’s oldest and we’ll tour & taste their best. We then fly north to La Serena and bus inland up the Elqui Valley…………one of my favorite places in South America. On near vertical hillsides, irrigated avocado and grapes grow in a near perfect climate. The national drink of pisco is produced here and we tour Pisco Capel Distillery to learn how it was developed. Another highlight is the after dark tour to Mamalluca Observatory for a narrated astronomy discussion and star watching. These Andean mountains which boast the clearest air in the world are home to many international observatories.

Hacienda La Compania will astound you with the high degree of technology used in producing grapes and other fruit. We also tour the family operated Cavas del Valle Organic winery. After 3 nights in Elqui, we return south to Ovalle and enjoy an asado barbeque dinner, some R&R poolside and overnight at the boutique rural hotel, Hacienda Santa Cristina before returning to Santiago for the flight home.

You may never be closer to the Easter Islands. So why not add on a few days & fly to this Polynesian paradise to see those famous Moai, the monolithic human stone figures carved by the Rapai Nui people. It’s a unique part of Chile and well worth the trip.