R.W. Thomas Tours

JAN 21– FEB 2, 2017


Amazonia, Agriculture & Iguacu Falls

Based at the luxurious Tropical Hotel, we’ll spend time with renowned biologist / guide, Dr. Marco Lima, seeing the famous Manaus Opera House, Meeting of the Waters, Jungle Flora & Fauna, Native villages and the incredible Manaus Market. The Amazon is the world’s largest river and the local culture here is unlike any other part of Brazil. Then we fly to the center of Cerrado agriculture in Bahia state. Here are the huge soybean, corn, livestock, and coffee plantations that you have read about. Based for 4 days in the heart of it all, we’ll tour farms, visit the agri-infrastructure, research facilities, processing plants, supply and machinery outlets that have made Brazil a world leader in food exports……….. and all within the past 35 years.

Group size is small so there will be lots of opportunity to get answers to your many questions. We tour Brasilia, and then fly to Iguacu Falls where Argentina, Brazil & Paraguay meet. Based at the Mabu resort hotel, we’ll tour the huge agricultural co-op of Coopavel and other ag sites in Parana state with an English speaking guide. Then spend a day seeing the massive waterfalls, Itaipu Hydro-electric dam and the optional attractions like whitewater rafting and the Bird Park, and still have a free day to enjoy the Mabu Hotspring Spa.

Want to see more of Brazil? You can elect add-ons to the Pantanal wetland areas, to Rio de Janeiro which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, to Isla de Fernando noted for dolphins and scuba diving, or other tourist sites. . Brazil is a vast country with friendly, fun-loving people that I have come to know from having visited most of it during the past 25 years. Join us for an “up-close & personal” experience in Brazil in 2017.